2021 Open Water Swim season lift off

Come on in, the water’s lovely.

Easter weekend sea swim Felixstowe for me, hope the next 2/3 days lift the temps a bit, currently about 7.5deg.

Let’s be having you…


Lots of lucky lido swimmers in England too presumably. Slightly jealous. Will leave it for a few more months :cold_face:


Already on this.


technically i did it first 29 days ago. (and no wetsuit).




I don’t know what they’re all fannying about at :joy:

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Outstanding @Doonhamer!

Reminds me of me and a mate we had a challenge with each other: to swim twice a month throughout winter (at least 20 mins/0.5 mile whichever first), non wet suit for as long as possible.

Got to November (8.5 deg water) non wetsuit, and completed through to Jan (wetsuit), 1.5deg water. Ironically it’s supposed to level off or get marginally warmer in Feb, but we just couldn’t face it. Serious hypothermia symptoms on the later non wet suit swims and the January wetsuit swims.


Yep. If the weather holds I’m planning a trip down to the south coast on Easter Sunday - I’ll pack the wetsuit - and plenty of excuses


I’ve spotted a nice small loch fairly near to me, I’ve bought the float/bag for the gear, I’ve got the goggles from the opticians, have to dig out the booties, gloves and hat, now for the prevarication…


Waiting for my swim buddy to turn up then having a dip here :grinning::sun_with_face::ice_cube:


Much more swimming & much less swearing this time. Still fresh, but more manageable than The Dee of Death.


2 swims done. It’s tough, the cold seems to hang around for hours after - have to say I’m looking forward to indoor pools opening on Monday. Probably squeeze one more in, then hit the pool until we see 10-11 deg OW.


My debut was a non starter. Never made the trip to the coast.

I’ll wait for Monday!


First open water swim of the year a tropical 8*C water temperature with a brisk wind made for a rather reluctant pair of swimmers. Was a bit chilly on entry and oh how I have missed that feeling when the water breaks through the seal on the wetsuit and an icy trickle of water travels down the small of my back.

Anyway muster up some courage and a careful plunge, hands feeling the cold, full face submerged and a couple of limited strokes before the face pain begins and I breaststroke like a learner. No idea how swim buddy is doing it’s survival mode every Man for himself!

Gradually relaxing into a smoother stroke and face stays in water longer, stopping at markers to stay together we probably made about 400 m and turn back towards the jetty. Once back the fun really begins, racing against the chilly air to get out of the wetsuit, as dry as possible and into some clothing.

First one done!


I just saw I should be doing my wingeing about how cold OW swimming is on this thread.
Ellingham Lake was allegedly in double figures so probably no excuses really. (Unless the 10.5 was Fahrenheit, maybe. Certainly felt like it).


Went for a walk around a nature reserve that has a few lakes, one of which you can swim in. I went to talk to a couple who had been in and finding out what the deal was. The woman put on about 8 layers, either fleeces or jumpers in the few minutes we chatted. :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: That’s not selling non-wetsuit swim in these temps to me.


The mere I was swimming in last Friday is now a soup of algae :cry:

I’ll be having a look at The Dee of Death again this evening :cold_face:


How long is a peice of string?

OK, confession, gagging to go and dip in a local loch early this eve but… although a beautiful sunny day no clouds, there was frost on the ground this AM, so I was wondering whether anyone would have any idea of what the temp range may be/whether it would be warm enough (have full body cover apart from face!).

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I before e except after c you clown! In my defence M’Lady, I think it was the hands moving quicker than the brain. Anyway, I digress.

I’ve only gone and done it, first time when I’m not forced to in a triathlon or swim event. I bloody did it. Nice loch swim this eve, only did about 20 mins as I haven’t been swimming since Mar 2020, and as I type this the arms are like jelly!

So this eve, positively heatwave weather at 12 degrees blue sky and wonderful sunshine. Got in the loch all kitted up. Ouch, that water on the face felt somewhat tepid (wonder if that was due to the AM frost?). Had to swim breast stroke initially as the head and face duckings didn’t have any effect on me (hu)manning up. Eventually swam crawl and thoroughly enjoyed it. Freedom. Didn’t feel the cold (maybe it wasn’t cold?). Nice calm loch and only 1 family hovering about, oh and a kayak. Lovely.

So, first time in a loch when I’m not forced to in an event, and I sure will return.

See, you can teach an old dog new tricks :rofl: :cold_face: :joy:

PS Oh, just needed shorts and tshirt post swim, not the layers often mooted, and that’s from someone who generally feels the cold.


well it looks like Leeds have acknowledged that some people may not be swim ready for the triathlon weekend